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Adoptionsvermittlung aus Südafrika - Service d’Adoptions pour l’Afrique du Sud
Willkommen auf den Seiten von Naledi Asbl Luxemburg!  Wir möchten Ihnen auf diesen Seiten einen Überblick bieten über den Ablauf einer Adoption in  Südafrika. Bei Fragen, die Sie sicher haben, schreiben Sie uns einfach eine Email oder rufen Sie uns  an! Wir stehen Ihnen jederzeit gerne für Informationen zur Verfügung! Unser Ziel ist es mit Offenheit  und Transparenz zu arbeiten und unsere oberste Priorität ist das Interesse der Kinder. Dennoch sind  wir uns bewusst dass viele von Ihnen vielleicht schon einen schweren Weg hinter sich haben und wir  möchten Ihnen versichern dass wir unser Bestes geben damit Sie sich bei uns gut aufgehoben fühlen! Mit freundlichen Grüssen stellvertretend für das Naledi Team Diane Heck-Thill  INFO CORONA VIRUS / UPATE 30.07.2021  Important for now Update 07/2021:  Adoptions are possible but the waiting time to obtain documents and to get your court and  travel date are extremly long. Matchings are happening on a slower pace, travel is possible  observing certain restrictions but depending on lockdown levels and regulations this can  not be guaranteed. So patience is absolutely necessary and given our very long waiting  list,we must unfortunatly apply much stricter criterias to accept your applications as there  is a much longer waiting now before you can even start a procedure. At this stage it is  impossible to foresee anything at all as everything is constantly changing and noone  knows how the pandemic is developing What we can tell you today might be different  tomorrow. We are so much looking forward to a time after the pandemic and hopefully more  foreseeable procedures again. Until than we thank you for your understanding of the  situation. Unfortunatly even 1 1/2 years later, the pandemic is still an issue and has a large  impact on adoptions in general. Our waiting list is the longest we ever had,so for now please note certain important  changes: - Matchings are possible but at this stage it takes up to one year and more to finalize your  adoption - For now we must apply stricter criterias regarding your age when you get on the waiting  list. For now until further notice no more inscriptions when you reached the age of 45  years.  After the age of 47 we can no longer start an adoption procedure as we would not be able to process everything in a timeframe that will allow you to bring home a child. Given  the actual circumstances at this point and based on the waiting times these are now part of  our revised basic criterias. - You must be prepared to stay in South Africa for around 5-6 weeks.This might remain the  “new normal” for quiet a while. We will adapt our page accordingly whenever we know  more. You must also be flexible for now regarding the timeline for the procedures in South  Africa. Regulations may change on a day to day basis, countries are shutting down and  others open up. Be prepared to change your flights and reroute them to transit through a  different country than originaly booked in case of need. The issues of the pandemic will still be bothering us for quiet a while and until than we must keep the faith and remain flexible. - Vaccination is an absolute must!   Seit 2003 konnten wir für 111 Kinder eine Familie in Luxemburg finden ( Stand Oktober 2021). Last update  11.10.2021